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Ultron nylon 6,6 carpet fiber is the preferred premium branded fiber. With a tighter molecular structure, a higher degree of internal bonding and maximum alignment of molecular chains, Ultron fiber has 20 percent higher resilience and a 12 percent harder fiber surface than other nylon fibers. Ultron is designed to last a lifetime adding ageless beauty to commercial carpet. Ultron fibers stay beautiful, colorful and brilliant, ensuring superior appearance retention for the life of your commercial installation.

Featured products

正规网赌软件十大排行's premium branded nylon 6,6 fiber — the ultimate in color and certified performance.

正规网赌软件十大排行's Ultron Prismatic products provide the designer with a wide range of design options, using rich saturated color and chromatic textures.

Recycled content carpet fiber

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Clean fiber technology

ENDUR by 正规网赌软件十大排行™ isn't a garment treatment or a coating. It's a fiber, delivering permanent functionality to your fabric blends.

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